The Five Ways You are Damaging Your Hair

Allure Hair SalonI love my hair, and I believe that the best way to care for your hair is by having a reliable hair salon and hair stylist by your side. While it may be hard for many, I try to make an appointment at least once a month to provide the best care to my hair. I choose a really great hair salon called Allure Hair Salon. They have amazing stylists and use great products on my hair that leaves my hair soft and gorgeous. After many years with Allure Hair Salon, I have learned some tips that I want to share with you, especially if you want the best possible hair.

Tip One: Using Hair Spray Before Hot Tools.

Many hair sprays, in fact, many hair products have alcohol in them. It is not a good idea to use heat on top of these products because alcohol will dry out your hair. This can make your curls drop, cause splitting and damage your hair further. It is always a good idea to use a product that is free from alcohol. If you are wondering how to find out if a hair product has alcohol in it, check the ingredients for any names that end with “ol.” Some products are so saturated with alcohol that you can smell it right from the bottle.

Tip Two: Not Using Heating Tools Properly

Heating ToolsWhile we are on the subject of heat, you should not use your flat iron or curling iron on your wet hair. Many people do that because they are in a rush, but it is a terrible idea to try to apply that much heat on wet strands. It breaks the hair, and you have to keep applying the heat over and over to get it to dry and straighten at the same time. The best way to use your flat iron or curling iron is by allowing your hair to dry completely. That will smooth and seal the cuticles of your hair and provide easier styling.

Tip Three: Avoiding Conditioner.

ConditionerIf you feel that your conditioner weighs your hair done, then it is extremely likely that you have purchased the wrong conditioner for your hair. Hair conditioner is an absolute necessity if you want to maintain healthy colored hair or highlights. Not using conditioner is like avoiding to use lotion or moisturizers on your skin. If you find that conditioner is too heavy for your hair, then try a lighter formula or conditioners made especially for your hair type, concentrate the conditioner on the ends of your hair and rinse your hair completely when you are finished. That way you can avoid any residue left on your hair.

Tip Four: Using Wrong Products

This is another reason why I am so pro hair salon. That way I can learn about the best hair products for my hair. If you want to keep healthy hair that is shiny, glossy and gorgeous, pick shampoo that is free from sulfates. That can dry your hair out, and we know how dangerous dryness can be to hair. Avoid over shampooing and focus on your scalp. Also, only later your hair for a second time only if your hair is dirty such as after the beach or swimming. You can check out more tips here to keep your hair at its absolute best.

It’s Time to Get the Prints

Time to Get the Prints

Adobe Creative SuiteI recently volunteered for a non-profit organization in my community. This non-profit is aimed at helping children and improving their reading skills. They wanted flyers made to share around the community for a big event the organization wants to throw in a few weekends. I have always been interested in digital printing and jumped at the opportunity to create flyers and prints for the organization. You guys may not know, but modern printing is way different than old printing techniques. Digital printing today involves lasers and ink-jet printing, the most common form of modern digital printing. Today, the image that you want to print is sent directly to the printer through digital files. These files can be PDFs, images that you save, images that are created from graphic software like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop. Since we can send the files straight to the printer, digital printing doesn’t need the printing plates that old printers used or is used in other printing techniques in offset printing.

Digital PrintingDigital Printing had transformed printing and made it all the more faster. Since most people now don’t have to use plates anymore, Digital printing has changed the printing time and help create “printing on demand.” Because of digital printing, companies, and people do not have to figure out large runs or pre-determined runs. Instead, digital printing has accommodated the needs of different corporations and individuals who need small runs, even single print.

There are some drawbacks. While digital printing service is quicker and more “on demand”, offset printing has better visual quality. But the good news is that advances in digital printing have been the printing quality better and continue to lower the cost of printing. In fact, digital printing has many benefits that are beneficial to everyone. Some advantages include:

  • Eliminating the cost of plate-making and setting up the process
  • Easier to make last minute changes because you can just hop on your computer and make the changes.
  • Reduces the cost of making changes.

FlyerI went ahead and designed a fantastic flyer for the organization where I volunteer. After perhaps an hour of creating the flyer, I got the flyer ready for print. However, I would need a large printing service that will help make a few hundred flyers to spread about the community. The printers cannot handle that kind of volume at the offer. So the best option we have is to research and find the best printing company that will be able to handle our printing needs. The printing company we found, Cornerstone Printing, has been in business for a couple of decades and have experience dealing with all kinds of printing needs. Therefore, I trusted them. It was a simple process. I called them up and within a few minutes of speaking with their excellent staff, my flyers were getting printed and ready to go for us. I am so happy with the result. We had the flyers just in time for the event which was the best result of all.

My Trip to the Chiropractor

Trip to the Chiropractor

Memorial DayMemorial Day recently passed and while the rest of the country celebrated with a barbecue, enjoying their family and hanging at the beach, I was stuck in bed. My family just like many other families around the country were ready to hit the beach and celebrate together. Every year, our family gets together at my grandmother’s house to celebrate Memorial Day. In preparation, my feisty grandmother assigned tasks for all of us to get ready for the holiday.

Red-LightMy mother was assigned to make dishes, other relatives such as my cousins were assigned t get drinks and other things. Since I can’t cook or do much anything else except eat, my grandmother told me to grab sodas, ice, and napkins. I hopped into my car and headed for the store where I purchased soda and ice. On my return to my grandmother’s house, I stopped at a red light. Everything was normal and fine. While I waited for the light to turn green out of nowhere, my head pushed forward, hitting on the steering wheel. A sharp pain spread from the front of my head all throughout my head, the pain spreading down to my neck. I was ready to cry and for a couple of seconds, I had no idea what happened to me. It was strangers on the street banging on my window trying to help me.

I was in a car accident. A distracted driver slammed into the car behind me that then slammed right into me, pushing my car into the interaction.

Chiropractor ServicesWhile I didn’t need to go to the hospital, I was sore, and my neck was in a great deal of pain. I was advised that I needed to see a chiropractor. I was a little skeptical to see a chiropractor. I wasn’t sure what they could do for me, so I did some research about chiropractors on WebMD. From my research, I discovered that millions of Americans visited a chiropractor every year. People seek a chiropractor for pain relief caused by physical ailments in bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissue, like your body’s tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. For many people who seek a chiropractor, they use their services along with traditional medical care. For millions of individuals, chiropractic services are the best solution for them.

Now I am convinced that chiropractic care is the right choice for me. So all I had to do now was research a chiropractor that was reputable, compassionate and could help relieve the pain in my neck and back. My research led me to the Back to Mind chiropractor in Hollywood. It was local, and I loved how many people praised their services. I called and made an appointment to see a chiropractor in their offices.

I was nervous at first, but the staff at the Back to Mind office was so kind and genuine. They helped calmed my nerves and introduced me to the chiropractor. He was kind, compassionate and knew exactly how to help me feel better. I left feeling way better than I expected. I am projected to be fully healed after a few more sessions with Back to Mind Chiropractors. I couldn’t be more thankful.