How Do Generators Work?


Power Systems GeneratorsGenerators are amazing machines that provide electrical power often during a power outage or in areas that may not have a steady supply of electricity. Generators help prevent gaps in daily activities and help avoid any business disruptions. Generators come in different physical and electrical configurations depending on how a generator will be used. You can check out some more information about generators right here.

How Does it Work?

An electric generator is a machine that transforms all of the mechanical energy it obtained from an outside source into electrical energy. It is important to know that know that it does not create electrical energy, only converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It takes the mechanical energy supplied to it to force the eclectic charges to move in the wire through an outside electric circuit. The flow of the electric charges starts the output that was given from the generator.

Generator Exploded ViewThe generator is made up of nine parts that work together. Some of its main components include the engine, the source of the mechanical energy that is inputted. The engine size of your generators is proportional to the maximum amount of power output that the generator can supply. Generators can operate on different kinds of fluids. These fluids include diesel, gasoline, propane and natural gas. Most of the time, small engines run on diesel while large engines run on propane, natural gas, and diesel. There are special generators that can operate on a dual feed of diesel and gas.

The alternator or the “genhead” produces the electrical output. It is made up of moving parts and stationary parts. These parts work together to cause movement between the magnetic and electric fields. These movements generate electricity.

On average, the fuel tank has enough room to keep a generator going for 6-8 hours on average. While smaller units, may have their fuel tank attached to the frame or skid base, commercial generators might have an external fuel tank. Fuel tanks have the following features such as the
Pipe Connection

  • A pipe for ventilation – prevent build-up pressure while the tank refills or drain.
  • The pipe that connects the fuel tank to the engine – supplies fuel directly to the engine.
  • An overflow connection from the fuel tank to the drain pipe – prevent fuel from spilling while the tank refills.
  • Fuel pump – this transports the fuel from the storage tank to the day tank.
  • A fuel filter or a fuel water separator – separates the outside elements and water to prevent contamination and corrosion.
  • Fuel injector  – sprays the right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber.

Lubricating Systems for Electric GeneratorsTo ensure engine durability, the generator needs a lubrication system. The electric generator has moving parts within the generator and without the proper lubrication system, the machine will not move smoothly. The best way to care for your lubrication system, you must check the oil pump and lubrication level every 8 hours of using your generator. It is also good practice to change for leakages and change the oil every 500 hours of generator use.

Since the generator is an intricate and important machine for many businesses and areas, it is a good idea to purchase your machine from the best companies. One company that provides excellent generators and commercial generators is Ring Power Systems. They are the leading supplier of new generators, pre-owned generators as well as other equipment as well.

What’s the Purpose of An Air Compressor?

Painting using an Air compressor Air compressorBefore I began my travel agency, I looked into becoming a car or airplane painter. I always found it to be really interesting after I went through my Pimp My Ride phase. I had a friend in the business who was an airplane painter. His name was Jim and he showed me a rundown of how it works. Before the plane is put together, the painters will paint over the metal and create the logos for the respective companies the planes will be going to. I took my two weeks of vacation to visit him in Daytona Beach to see how the work unfolded. He let me sit in on one of his sessions. It was truly masterful how he moved. The precision and detail that he used to paint the pieces was incredible.

After watching him for a few hours, he let me try my hand at painting. He let me hold the nozzle of that was attached to a portable air compressor. It was exhilarating to feel the paint spray over so evenly and smoothly over the metal. It was as if I was air brushing a Kardashian. By the end of it, I was ready to make the jump into painting. Jim asked me if I was sure that I wanted to make a career of it because I had been a travel agent prior. He advised me to come in for a few more sessions with him to see whether after a few more days of painting, if I would be just as excited about it. I felt wholeheartedly ready because I was sick of my job at Orbitz.

The next day when I came back the painting couldn’t be done because there were issues with the  portable air compressor. Jim tried to fix the issue, but I think he had made it worse. His knowledge of portable air compressors wasn’t as extensive as he had made it out to be. Worried about his safety, I decided to take things into my own hands and I called for an air compressor service and repair technician to come out as soon as possible to take a look at the compressor.

Airplane painting with an Painting using an Air compressorWhen the guy showed up, he asked who had tampered with the compressor and everyone pointed at Jim and laughed. The technician pulled Jim in close to him and told him to pay attention to what he was doing. He showed Jim where he had gone wrong, gave him a few suggestions and told him to write down step-by-step what he was doing so he would have a better idea of what to do in the future.

I spent a few more days with Jim after that, and I hate to admit it, but he was right. As fun and exciting as painting was the first couple of days, it wasn’t for me. It became tedious by day four and I wanted to be behind my desk again. But, I didn’t want to be working for a big corporation that didn’t care much about its clients. I wanted to open up a company that cares about its customers and wants to make sure they are loved.

How to Properly Move With Your Pet

Moving with your petYou might be wondering about your pet while you plan a move. As if moving wasn’t stressful enough, you worry about little Fido. I am a pet parent as well, of a dog that I literally named Fido. It started out as a joke, but the name stuck. I needed to move, but I was unsure if Fido could handle such a long ride. The Humane Society recommended that pets travel by car than by airline. I didn’t need the airline because I was planning on driving myself to my new home. It would be pointless to send my dog on a plane while I drive.

Moving companies aren’t allowed to transport pets. So that means you need to find a moving company that will make your move as stress-free as possible. In the way, I can focus more on transporting my dog to my dog with me. That is why I was so happy to find The Moovers. They are a great moving company with years of experience under their belt. I trusted them completely to help me pack and help me move to my new place.

It is legal tThe Moovers moving tipso move your pets within the country, but all states want that pets that enter their state lines have their health certificate and updated rabies vaccinations. So I talked to my vet and obtained a copy of my pet’s record just in case. My vet also took a look at Fido and checked to see if he needed any other vaccinations because of the place we were relocating too. Depending on the area that you move too, your dog or pet might be suspectable to the whether conditions or different wildlife they’ve never seen before. That is why it is a good idea to keep your pet vaccinated and healthy. Vets can also give you tips on helping your pet better prepare for the move. For pets that do not travel well, vets may even offer a sedative. It is never a good idea to use a sedative on your pets if they are traveling by air. Never.

Organization is key and being well prepared as well. I thought it was a good idea to prepare a pet kit for Fido. That means bringing a small bag of dog food. Traveling is not the time to change your dog’s food. That also means packing Fido’s food and water bowl.

  • If your dog takes medication, don’t forget to bring it.
  • Bring doggy elimination bags if case your dog’s needs to relieve
  • A copy of your dogs’ health certificate, proof of current rabies shots and other vaccination.
  • A leash
  • ID tags that have your new address, not your old address, your phone number or cell. You can also have a chip implemented in your pet as well in case they get lost.
  • Provide your dog with a blanket and any other toys that will make the ride easier for your pet.
  • Don’t forget to bring a gallon of water for your pet

The Moovers moving with your pet The move turned out to be a great success, and Fido handled the move so well. Plus, I had the reliable Moovers with me, transporting my stuff safely to my new house. For more advice, you can check out this article on moving pets.

Getting Down and Dirty with Recycling

Advanced disposal recyclingIn my neighborhood, we have our own private garbage disposal, called Advanced Disposal, that comes every week and pick up our neighborhood waste. They are a great company, very clean and very responsible. Not only responsible for keeping our neighborhood clean but also responsible when it comes to a greener world. Advanced Disposal likes to practice greener options to help leave less of a carbon footprint. I was inspired by their commitment to the environment, and it made me want to take more interest in the subject.

We all hear about recycling, but I think for many people, it is a passing thought. However, now that I was inspired by my garbage disposal company. I checked out the US Environmental Protection Agency and their suggestions about recycling and its benefits.

If you didn’t know, recycling is just the process of collecting and then processing items that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. Recycling can turn those items or “trash” into something new. That way it helps the planet, the community, and the environment. It’s no wonder put disposal company stand beside it so much.

Benefits of recycling can include

  • A reduction in the amount of waste that is sent to the landfills and incinerators.Advanced disposal waste disposal
  • We can conserve natural resources like wood, water, and minerals. We don’t have to take and take, we can reuse it.
  • It also prevents pollution because we will have a lesser need to collect and find new materials.
  • It saves an enormous amount of energy.
  • With recycling, there is a reduction in greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gasses contribute to the global climate. A huge concern for the modern world.
  • By our efforts, we can sustain the planet for the future generations to come,
  • An increased focus on recycling can create well-paying jobs in the recycling and manufacturing.

All these benefits seemed like a good enough reason to consider the Advanced Disposal recycling and their focus on making communities a greener place. In fact, they have an education program on their site about recycling to educate the public and their customers.  I wanted to find out how I can leave a better footprint in the environment.

Advanced Disposal recycling planThe first step is through Collection and Processing. This can be done through curbside collection or drop-off centers. The recyclables are then sorted, cleaned and then process into materials that can be manufactured. Recyclables are then considered raw materials and are bought and sold that way. Depending on the supply and demand in a particular placed, the prices can go up and down.

There is also manufacturing. That is when recyclables are transformed into products. Many household items contained manufactured recyclables like newspapers, laundry detergent bottles, plastics, and aluminum. They are used in new ways by companies who want to leave a greener footprint on the environment.

Lastly, I can purchase items that are made from recycled materials. If not already recycled, you can purchase items that can be recycled and after use, have the products recycled. You should always check for the recycle sign on the product. If it’s there, you are good to go!

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