Getting Down and Dirty with Recycling

Advanced disposal recyclingIn my neighborhood, we have our own private garbage disposal, called Advanced Disposal, that comes every week and pick up our neighborhood waste. They are a great company, very clean and very responsible. Not only responsible for keeping our neighborhood clean but also responsible when it comes to a greener world. Advanced Disposal likes to practice greener options to help leave less of a carbon footprint. I was inspired by their commitment to the environment, and it made me want to take more interest in the subject.

We all hear about recycling, but I think for many people, it is a passing thought. However, now that I was inspired by my garbage disposal company. I checked out the US Environmental Protection Agency and their suggestions about recycling and its benefits.

If you didn’t know, recycling is just the process of collecting and then processing items that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. Recycling can turn those items or “trash” into something new. That way it helps the planet, the community, and the environment. It’s no wonder put disposal company stand beside it so much.

Benefits of recycling can include

  • A reduction in the amount of waste that is sent to the landfills and incinerators.Advanced disposal waste disposal
  • We can conserve natural resources like wood, water, and minerals. We don’t have to take and take, we can reuse it.
  • It also prevents pollution because we will have a lesser need to collect and find new materials.
  • It saves an enormous amount of energy.
  • With recycling, there is a reduction in greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gasses contribute to the global climate. A huge concern for the modern world.
  • By our efforts, we can sustain the planet for the future generations to come,
  • An increased focus on recycling can create well-paying jobs in the recycling and manufacturing.

All these benefits seemed like a good enough reason to consider the Advanced Disposal recycling and their focus on making communities a greener place. In fact, they have an education program on their site about recycling to educate the public and their customers.  I wanted to find out how I can leave a better footprint in the environment.

Advanced Disposal recycling planThe first step is through Collection and Processing. This can be done through curbside collection or drop-off centers. The recyclables are then sorted, cleaned and then process into materials that can be manufactured. Recyclables are then considered raw materials and are bought and sold that way. Depending on the supply and demand in a particular placed, the prices can go up and down.

There is also manufacturing. That is when recyclables are transformed into products. Many household items contained manufactured recyclables like newspapers, laundry detergent bottles, plastics, and aluminum. They are used in new ways by companies who want to leave a greener footprint on the environment.

Lastly, I can purchase items that are made from recycled materials. If not already recycled, you can purchase items that can be recycled and after use, have the products recycled. You should always check for the recycle sign on the product. If it’s there, you are good to go!

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